R Heroes USA Firefighter Workshirts

Few professions are as demanding as that of a Firefighter/First Responder. Strapped into a hook and ladder, or rescue rig, all a firefighter thinks about is his/her job. Anticipating a red sky, smoke-filled air, unbearable temperatures, and lives possibly at risk, the last thing he/she can be concerned with is uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothing. Imagine having to handle a high-pressure hose that can deliver water or retardant at up to 1200 psi in a shirt with a collar that is too tight, cuffs that chafe, or material that itches.

While your circumstances may not be this extreme, if you want a work shirt that is built for work, what more could you ask than to have it made by the people who need to focus on saving lives, not distracting clothing.

The firefighters at R Heroes USA make work shirts based on their experience. Experience in the field, doing one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

Different occasions call for different types of apparel. When you need a true work shirt, let our firefighters hook you up with shirts that won’t let you down. They fit great, they wear well, and as an added bonus, they also look pretty damn fine, even if you aren’t a firefighter.


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Not everyone can be a firefighter and not everyone knows how to make the right workshirt.

At R Heroes USA,LLC, we are real firefighters with real life experience and that’s why our garments fit so great, look so good, and wear so well.

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R Heroes USA, LLC stand behind our products fit, look and wear 100%. We strongly believe our commitment to quality products and servicing our clients is unmatched.