No one makes quality job shirts for firefighters except firefighters. That’s why at R Heroes USA, LLC, you’ll find the toughest, most dependable and longest lasting firefighter job shirt than anywhere else! And it’s made right here in the USA!

We have to say that this is the most comfortable job shirt that we have had on. It allows you to work without riding up in the back. That seems to be a common thing that the cheaper job shirts out there have. The R Heroes USA brand of job shirts allow you to breath. When you need to be warm – they make you warm. But when you need to cool off a little after working, they allow that to happen too.

We have worn these around the office, in the shipping department, out at shows, and again hands down just the most comfortable job shirt we have ever worn. We know you can get other job shirts at other places for cheaper – but you WILL NOT find one that feels better, and holds up. That’s one thing too. If a job shirt doesn’t hold up to your rugged demands, then why would a firefighter or EMT need it? It has to meet your demands. That’s exactly what this job shirt does. It keeps you warm, and holds up to the rigors of YOUR job!

Fitting is another thing. These shirts are about as true to size as a T-shirt as you can get. That means they are fitted so that if you wear an X-Large T-shirt then you should order an X-Large job shirt. They are sized so that you can have a couple of layers of clothing on underneath (station shirt or t-shirt) and still fit comfortably.

Some of our guys have even started wearing these job shirts as their light winter jacket. Really deters wind like no other. Can’t you tell we really like this job shirt? You will too! Order yours today!

Not everyone can be a firefighter. And not everyone knows how to make the perfect Firefighter Workshirt, at least not the way we do. It’s rather simple. At “R” Heroes USA, we’re really firefighters. And the specifications for “R” Heroes USA Firefighter Workshirts come from our real life experience. That’s why “R” Heroes USA Firefighter Workshirts fit so great, look so great, and wear so well.

At “R” Heroes USA, we set ourselves apart with our attention to detail. Our Firefighter Workshirts are made by American workers. Each of our shirts are made from high quality 16oz. 80% cotton / 20% polyester heavyweight fleece which is non-fire resistant. We fuse “Pellon” strips in our denim collars, which act as an anti-curling device. Our cuffs and waistband contain “Lycra” which prevents the stretching out that can occur with regular cotton rib. “R” Heroes USA shirts are oversized for mobility, which allows us to guarantee minimal shrinkage and literally gives you more for your money. We make “R” Heroes USA work shirts work for you. If you’re not buying R Heroes USA Firefighter Workshirts, you’re not buying American Made!